The below webpage is in honor and memory of our fallen CAP Cadet Programs family members who have served the CAWG Cadet Program with honor and dedication.

It is our goal to Honor and Remember all of our members who are no longer with us. Please contact us at with Name, grade, years of life, photo, and and a biography.

To view a full biography, please click on the image.


Col Ernest C. Person

PCR Commander- Col George K. Ishikata

Col George K. Ishikata


Lt Col Tony M. Diaz


Erin E. Green-Mautone


Lt Col Peggy A. Myrick


Maj Kathy Johnson


Cheryl A. Nickell

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 4.05.06 PM

Lt Col Harold “Jim” Jenkins


Adam M. Lyon

Greg 2

Lt Col Gregory P. Chase

Gamila 9

Lt Col Gamila M. Mherian-Wiest

Bruce 1

Lt Col Bruce R. Black

Sturgill #3

Capt Kenneth W. Sturgill


Lt Col Lisa D. Tuggle

Hugh Taylor2

Capt Hugh M. Taylor


SA Jenny Fung Toigo

Matt Shope

Cadet CMSgt
Matthew P. Shope

Edinboro, Terry

Lt Col Terry W. Edinboro

Upton, Tony

Lt Col Antony M. Upton

Cynthia Scott 4

Cadet MSgt Cynthia C. Scott