The goal of the Senior Noncommissioned Officers School (SNCOS) is to provide cadets entering the senior NCO grades the foundation to be effective in squadron and group level competencies and advanced officer-NCO relations. SNCOS also sets to prepare the cadet for the transition into becoming a cadet officer.

Graduates of SNCOS will demonstrate:

  1. The ability to properly facilitate squadron-level drill and ceremonies, including formations and participation in squadron inspections.
  2. The ability to implement a cadet Physical Fitness Program.
  3. The ability to effectively communicate with peers, subordinates and superiors in a senior NCO capacity through dynamic speaking and written communication.
  4. The ability to counsel subordinate NCOs and cadets to reach a desired outcome. This encompasses both event and performance-oriented counseling.
  5. The ability to implement and facilitate the NCO support channel at all levels in support of the Commander.
  6. Expected performance: Each cadet will strive to meet the expectations set forth in the course of instruction.

Much like the Military, Civil Air Patrol has evolved over the years to meet the demanding need for an expansive knowledge-base required by cadet noncommissioned officers to fulfill duties of increasing responsibilities. With the expansion of the senior NCO grades in the Cadet Program to align with the grade structure of the USAF (C/MSgt-C/CMSgt), training requirements have been identified and leadership curriculum has been adjusted to ensure these cadets are prepared to act as a bridge between the cadet ranks, including junior NCOs and the cadet officers who assume a more indirect style of leadership to accomplish the goals they have established as well as those set from higher levels of command. This relationship relies heavily on the discipline and professionalism of senior NCOs to ensure goals are being accomplished and cadets are being trained to the standard set forth by regulations and Commanders of any organization at any echelon.

SNCOS focuses on providing a foundation of understanding on the duties, responsibilities and authority (DRA) of those fulfilling squadron-level and higher NCO responsibilities. The exact duties may differ slightly, but the skills required to accomplish those tasks remain the same. Likewise, effectively accomplishing the duties of any cadet officer requires a great understanding of the DRA of NCOs appointed under them. SNCOS will not only provide the NCO with skills to accomplish their tasks, but will help prepare them for the challenge of becoming a cadet officer and their continued advancement through the Cadet Program.

The SNCOS Program Manual is currently being revised. Check back soon.