The College and Career Advisory Team (CCAT) is a resource for cadets within the California Wing. The team’s mission is to advise and assist cadets with researching academic and vocational opportunities to assist them in realizing their post-high school objectives.

Resources include but are not limited to:

    • College selection and application process
    • Vocational school opportunities
    • Military academy admissions
    • Introduction higher education opportunities
    • Career research and planning
    • Cover letter resume review
    • Identifying internship and scholarship opportunities



The CCAT is staffed by qualified individuals that have experience in higher education, vocational schools and career guidance.


How to Contact a CCAT Team Member

This Service is provided year-round through a case management style approach within the team. Cadets, parents and squadron commanders may access a centralized portal to request assistance and be assigned a team member for support and follow-up. Please use the form below to submit a request.


What to Expect:

    • Submit your request through the CCAT on-line Portal.
    • A team member will be assigned to your request and will contact you to discuss your needs.
    • One on one service is provided through the case management messaging system to address specific needs related to academic and vocational planning needs.
    • Your case will remain active until your request has been fulfilled.

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