Updated: 21 Nov 2023

Recent Awards

CAWG Cadet Squadron of the Year 2023
     San Francisco Cadet Squadron 86

CAWG Composite of the Year 2023
     Cover Field Composite Squdron 51

CAWG Cadet Officer of the Year 2023
     C/Capt Ava L. Fontanilla

CAWG Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year 2023
      C/CMSgt Zachary Van Le

CAWG Aerospace Education Cadet of the Year 2023
     C/CMSgt Ascher. Lafayette

CAWG Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award 2023
     C/2d Lt Benjamin M. Lee

CAWG Cadet Programs Officer of the Year 2023
     Maj Lisa M. Cherry


Ultimate Bear & Wings Challenge Champions 2023
     Jon E. Kramer Composite Squadron 10


Encampment Commander’s Award for Outstanding Achievement 2023
     C/SSt Tam Anh Vu

Wing Commander’s Award for Academic Excellence – Encampment 2023
     C/CMSgt Hope Staley

Lt Col Terry Edinboro Award for Leadership – Encampment 2023
     C/Capt Carter Wong – 156th Cadet Training Squadron Commander

CTG Commander’s Award for Support Staff Excellence – Encampment 2023
     C/1st Lt Jaxon Lockwood – CSS: Deputy Director of Food Services

Kenneth W. Sturgill Award for Training Staff Excellence – Encampment 2023
     C/Capt Elise Delgado – Alpha Flight Commander

Chap. Loren Brown Award for Outstanding Leadership – Encampment 2023
     TSgt Frank Mancebo – Delta Assistant Training Officer

Lt Col Jim Jenkins Award for Senior Support Staff Excellence – Encampment 2023
     1st Lt Jillian Restivo – Public Affairs OIC


CAWG Cadet Competition Champion 2023
     San Diego Cadet Squadron 144

Honor Cadets

One cadet is recognized for outstanding performance at wing level training activities as the “Honor Cadet”. Below are some of the recent California Wing activity honor cadets:

  • C/A1C Henry Risley – NCOS 2023
  • C/A1C Meliana Giliam – DCS 2023
  • C/MSgt Kylie Pham – ADCS 2023
  • C/SSgt Tam Anh Vu – Encampment 2023

Academy Appointments

2021 – Class of 2025

United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)

  • C/Maj Kayla Kim – Fullerton Composite Squadron 56
  • C/MSgt Alexander Foreman – Clover Field Composite Sq 51

United States Military Academy (USMA)

  • C/Capt Carley Chapman – Hemet-Ryan Composite Sq 59

United States Naval Academy (USNA)

  • C/A1C Chamonix Bas – Fullerton Composite Squadron 56

United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School (USAFAP)

  • C/SMSgt Jonas Grugg – Fullerton Composite Squadron 56

Submitted Articles

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Group 2 Cadets and Seniors Fly on a UH-60 Blackhawk

In Spring 2018, cadets and seniors from San Francisco Bay Area Group 2 flew on a California Army National Guard UH-60 in a series of military orientation flights at San Carlos Airport. The Blackhawk helicopter lifted three groups of 11 CAP members. The rides flew “doors open”, included a thrilling low-level flight over the hills east of Half Moon Bay, and a complete circle over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Squadron 86 arranged the flight day with the California Army National Guard. The unit satisfied two functions, both to orient CAP to their UH-60 operations, and improving operational readiness for their flight crew. The crew generously flew from Fresno to San Carlos to conduct the flights, which enabled more Group 2 participation.

The day’s crew consisted of an Aircraft Commander/Pilot, a Co-Pilot, and Crew Chief. The helicopter configuration that day seated 11 passengers in addition to the flight crew.

Prior to the orientation flights, the Aircraft Commander and Crew Chief provided a safety briefing to the entire group, and answered lots of questions about the aircraft, flying, and the National Guard. Then the first group, ten cadets and one senior member, boarded the UH-60, assisted by the Crew Chief who belted everyone in. Everyone else moved to a safe area to watch the helicopter’s two powerful engines start, followed by the familiar slow rotation of the main rotor blades. In moments, the rotor blades were a blur, and the landing pad was a flurry of hot engine exhaust and hurricane-like wind. The first flight lifted off and headed west.

About 45 minutes later, the UH-60 settled back onto the landing pad. The Aircraft Commander decided to perform a “hot load”, exchanging one group for another without shutting down the helicopter. The passengers exited the helicopter in line, led by the Crew Chief. The next group boarded, having formed their own line-up. Upon a signal from the Crew Chief, the new group approached the running helicopter from a safe angle, and belted-in quickly.

The UH-60 crew had enough time to perform three flights including 2 “hot loads”. Cadets and a few senior members occupied every available seat in the helicopter. After flying, members grinned, and gave shouts and tales of the windy, loud adventure. “That was one of the most thrilling airborne experiences of my life! And I’ve been flying for 25 years!” said Lt Col Aaron Kahn, a CAP Command Pilot. The “doors open” flight, with the helicopter traveling 130 miles per hour, was enjoyable, and truly memorable.

After the final orientation flight, the CAP members gave a heartfelt thanks to the flight crew. It was certainly a special event for both Group 2, and the California Army National Guard battalion from Fresno.