In Memory of
Lt Col Bruce R. Black
February 24, 1942 – May 12, 2018

Bruce Robert Black was born in Michigan on February 24, 1942. The family moved to Seattle when he was very young and he went to school there until he joined the Army.

He was interested in radio and soon became a disc jockey in the San Francisco area. He moved to Southern California to work at NBC as the sound technician on the Tonight Show. He worked with Johnny Carson until Carson retired in 1992 and then Jay Leno. Bruce had an enviable job putting microphones on famous people and musical groups. He retired from NBC in 2001.

Bruce became a Free Mason while he was in high school and eventually received his 50-year pin. He served on the SPOA Board, Road Commission Board, was involved with Mountain Mutual Aid, and the Airport board meetings, among others.

Soon after Bruce retired from working on the Tonight Show, he and Vikki moved to Sugarloaf where he got involved with Civil Air Patrol. As an Army veteran, he found that joining CAP was the perfect fit for him and loved being involved in it all these years.

Bruce rose rapidly in the CAP ranks. He reached the top Level 5 with such dedication and drive. He started out as a senior member and kept moving up until he reached Lieutenant Colonel. Vikki joined CAP and became the Squadron Historian. Bruce served as Squadron Commander for 6750 in Big Bear Valley from 2006 to 2009, then again from 2017 to 2018. He also held the position of Group 3 Deputy Commander. There was no stopping him from doing all he could for the CAP Squadron. He needed to slow down, but you can’t tell a fish not to swim, a dog not to run, the sun not to shine. CAP was his passion. He was heavily involved in the Cadet Program and his love of teaching Cadets kept him motivated. He devoted his time and help to the whole community.

How does anyone replace him, you don’t, you can’t. We love you Bruce, always.

Bruce and his wife, Vikki, were together almost 30 years. He loved Vikki’s adult children, Lisa and Lincoln, and Bruce looked forward to them bringing the grandkids to visit. He was also very close with Lisa’s husband, Patrick, and Lincoln’s wife, Marina. Bruce had 6 Grandchil­dren, Dean, Valentina, Aidan, Keira, Adrian, and Colin and he loved to spend time with them. Bruce is from a close family of 5 siblings, John, Bill, Mike, and Cindy. His cousins Connie: Melody, Tom, Brian, and other cousins, and friends meant a lot to him.