About the Cadet Advisory Council


The Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) is a panel of Cadets from each echelon of command that recommends solutions and identifies opportunities to improve the Cadet Program. From the squadron to the national level, Cadet Advisory Councils provide the “Cadet Perspective” to the command staff so that the Cadet Program can reach its full potential and give cadets the best experience possible. Ultimately, we advise the National Commander, represent the cadet community, and work with the cadet team and volunteer staff in generating effective solutions.

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The California Wing CAC is comprised of 8 Groups with a total 57 Squadrons that represent the more than 1500 cadets in the Wing. In the past, the California Wing CAC was the driving force behind the transition from cloth insignia to the metal insignia worn by cadets nationally today. Additionally, this council has set the standard for creating more opportunities for cadets by initially developing great activities and events like the Cadet Commanders Course, Ultimate Bear & Wings Challenge, and much more.

What’s Happening Now?

The CAWG CAC meets monthly via conference call and three times a year face-to-face. There are many discussions and projects in process. Additionally, echelon commanders assign projects to the council to work on throughout the year. Please go to the CAC Library to see meeting Agendas, meeting Minutes, Proposals, and other documents.