The goal of Advanced Cadet Staff Seminar (ACSS) is to provide a forum for senior cadet officers to solve issues facing California Wing as well as provide training on advanced topics which build off of the COBC curriculum. ACSS is the last school in the Integrated Leadership Program

Each participant will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of critical and strategic thinking
  2. Gain knowledge in Transformational Leadership, Values, Mission and Vision Building, Mentoring, and Counseling
  3. Participate activity in solving the issue, both at the ACSS and, if necessary, in the months that follow as well

The Advanced Cadet Staff Seminar (ACSS) is designed to both solve a current issue facing the California Wing Cadet Program as well as provide advanced training to the Cadet Officers involved. The course is designed to allow Cadet Officers to apply strategic and critical thinking skills to help improve California Wing. By providing an opportunity for Cadet Officers to solve problems within California Wing will not only improve the Cadet Program, it will also improve the Senior Cadet Officers of the Wing.

A new DRAFT version of the Program Manual is being revised. Check back soon.