Welcome to CAWG Cadet Programs

Welcome to the California Wing Cadet Programs website. This is designed to be an enhanced resource for our Cadet and Adult members.  Please take your time exploring the multitude of opportunities the California Wing program can offer our cadets; a few of which are Leadership, Aerospace, and Emergency Services.  Additionally, take a look at our past and those whose successes and sacrifices, have made us who we are today.

Important Deadlines

CAWG Encampment Senior Member Application

Support Director Deadline: 11 March
Support Staff Deadline: 08 April
Training Officer Deadline: 06 May

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Senior Non-Commissioned Officer School

Cadet Commander Deadline: 20 February

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CAWG Cadet Competition

Team Registration: APPLY NOW

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NEW!! CP Section Job Openings

– CP Finance Manager

– CP Historian

– CP Social Media Manager

(Interested in running a Wing Activity?)

Please send an email to Lt Col Ishikata stating interest. george.ishikata@cawgcap.org


Curry Blues Vanguard Voucher

All, the voucher for Curry Blues can be reactivated after they expire. Under special circumstance the section can have the voucher reactivated. It is the goal of the organization to help new cadets with uniforms. Please contact the Director of Cadet Programs at george.ishikata@cawgcap.org for help and questions.

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Scholarship Available (Free Money!) – APPLY NOW

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP)

Lt Col Tony Upton Memorial Scholarship 

Cadet Character and Leadership Foundation (CCLF)

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