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Welcome to the new California Wing Cadet Programs website. This has been completely redesigned to be an enhanced resource for our Cadet and Adult members.  Please take your time exploring the multitude of opportunities the California Wing program can offer our cadets; a few of which are Leadership, Aerospace, and Emergency Services.  Additionally, take a look at our past and those whose successes and sacrifices, have made us who we are today.

Important Deadlines

Cadet Programs Conference

Staff Deadline: 18 November 2016

Instructor Request: 01 December 2016

Participant Registration: Open in December

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PCR RCLS – Student Registration

Deadline: 01 December 2016

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National Scholarships – Free Money
College and Flight

Deadline: 31 December 2016

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National Cadet Special Activities
Applications Open 01 Dec 16

Deadline: 15 January 2017

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CP Section Job Openings

– CP Social Media Manager

– CP Historian

(Interesting in running a Wing Activity?)

Please send an email to Lt Col Ishikata stating interest. george.ishikata@cawgcap.org


NEW Cadet Advisory Council Chair!

On behalf of Col Ferguson, I’m pleased to announce the selection of C/Lt Col Nicole J. Khattar as the Chair of the California Wing Cadet Advisory Council for this year.  She will concurrently serve as the California Wing Representative to the Pacific Region Cadet Advisory Council.

C/Lt Col Khattar was selected for the position based on her experience and exceptional performance at other activities.  Though her experience with the CAC is limited, we’re counting on her to bring her extensive skills to enhance and develop the council during this term.  Her challenge is considerable … an underlying feeling is developing that there are cliques in CAWG Cadet Programs, and part of Nicole’s mission will be to ensure we’re not unfairly favoring select individuals … to make sure everyone has a fair opportunity, and that all cadets feel they do.

Much thanks also go out to the other applicants for the position.  They had considerable experience and would have served equally well in the Chair position.  It’s my hope that next year, we have many, many more cadets apply for the position.

Though the official term for this council started 1 Oct, C/Lt Col Christina Granillo has patiently served during her extended term of office, until the selection of the new Chair.  Much thanks to Christina for her work this past year and for the considerable accomplishments the CWCAC achieved under her direction.

Thanks to the outgoing council officers for their steadfast work, and best wishes to the incoming council.

– Lt Col George K. Ishikata, CAP
CAWG Director of Cadet Programs


The dates for the California Wing Encampment for 2017 are 13-20 June at Camp San Luis Obispo.  Pre-Encampment will start on 10 June for Cadre and selected Senior Staff.  We understand that there are some school districts in California that don’t end instruction/finals until after 10 June.  We apologize – these were the only dates we were able to reserve the facilities we need for the encampment.  As other wings determine their encampment dates, we will publish them for those cadets who need encampment but who are not able to attend the California Wing Encampment.  With parental intervention, some students may be able to speed up their end-of-term testing and leave school a few days early – we encourage that as an option as well.  We may be able to work with Cadet Cadre who are unable to attend all of Pre-Encampment but who can be there for the entire encampment itself.  Watch this page for more information about your encampment options in 2017!

– Lt Col Grace Edinboro, CAP
CAWG Encampment Commander

Scholarship Available (Free Money!) – APPLY NOW

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP)

Lt Col Tony Upton Memorial Scholarship 

Cadet Character and Leadership Foundation (CCLF)

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– Cadet Programs Section